Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Business Administration

Major Professor

Chad W. Autry

Committee Members

Randy V. Bradley, Christopher W. Craighead, Bogdan C. Bichescu


With the recognition of the criticality of information flow in the supply chain, much research has examined various pertinent areas such as information sharing and the use of IT applications, and generated valuable insights about how an organization could reap the benefits through an effective supply chain information flow by building on the implicit assumption that organizations in the supply chain cope with issues around supply chain information in a similar way, which would lead to the conjecture that the quality of supply chain information is equivalent across supply chain members. However, many organizations still struggle for poor information flow in the supply chain. This suggests that the implicit assumption made in the literature may not hold in practice. By challenging this unstated and flawed assumption, this dissertation adopts a governance perspective on supply chain information flow, i.e., information governance, and positions information governance in the realm of supply chain management. Specifically, this dissertation unpacks information governance by identifying its key elements and delves into the nature of the relationships between the key elements of information governance and supply chain performance. This dissertation further investigates the arrangement of the information governance and supply chain strategies and its performance implications in a hospital context. The findings of this dissertation contribute to facilitating an understanding of information governance in the supply chain context by providing theoretical and empirical support. Managerial implications and future research directions are also presented.

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