Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Human Resource Management

Major Professor

Stephen C. Morse

Committee Members

Rachel J.C. Chen, John M. Antun, John G. Orme


The purpose of this study was determine if a basic Revenue Management (RM) concept training program can successfully teach hotel front desk employees and managers RM fundamentals. The objectives of this study were (a) to evaluate the reaction or satisfaction level of hotel front desk employees and managers in reference to the training program, and (b) to examine the training program’s effectiveness in teaching basic RM concepts. A basic revenue management training program and examination was utilized in a pre- and post-test quasi-experimental design model with a treatment and control group to examine if learning had taken place. The study consisted of 49 participants from eight hotels. Hypotheses one, two, and four were supported by the results. Based on the findings, the basic RM concept training program did successfully teach front desk employees and hotel managers RM fundamentals. The researcher suggests that future RM training programs for both the front desk employees and hotel managers to continue to focus on basic RM concepts. The researcher further suggests the RM training programs include more advanced RM concepts for the hotel managers.

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