Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Hilton A. Smith

Committee Members

David A. Shirley, John C. Dean, D. D. Williams, M. J. Joncich


The Problem: The work reported here is concerned with the adsorption of n-nonadecanoic acid onto freshly machined metal surfaces. The work done is a direct continuation of that begun by Smith and Allen and continued by McGill whose experimental techniques have largely been adopted. The investigation involves the adsorption of a typical polar organic molecule onto "clean" metal surfaces, prepared under rather rigidly controlled and unique conditions in a system from which the usual surface contaminants are believed to be absent. The purpose of these studies is to gain some insight into the properties of metal surfaces themselves, the nature of adsorption onto these surfaces, and the nature of the resulting adsorbed surface layers. The long chain fatty acid chosen for the adsorption studies is a typical lubricant. Therefore, the results are of particular value in the study of metal wear and corrosion inhibition. Adsorption is, of course, the first step in any heterogeneously catalyzed process. It is, therefore, expected that the results obtained will be of more than academic interest.

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Chemistry Commons