Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Dr. Hilton A. Smith

Committee Members

J.H. Robertson, William H. Fletcher


The neutral bis-cyclopentadienyl metal compounds of iron, cobalt, and nickel were prepared and studied as possible sources of catalytically active iron, cobalt, and nickel. Nickelocene and cobaltocene are re­duced to the free metal and cyclopentane in cyclohexane solution with hydrogen in the absence of a catalyst using hydrogen at 1000 psi. The reduction of nickelocene takes place at 60°, and the reduction o! cobaltocene occurs at 160-170°. Induction periods were observed. The hydrogen reduction of ferrocene was not achieved. The hydrogenation reactions of benzene , cyclohexene , acetone , ethyl laurate , nitrobenzene , and nitroethane were studied with nickelocene and cobaltocene added as sources of nickel and cobalt, respectively.

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Included in

Chemistry Commons