Doctoral Dissertations


In Being

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education


Educational Psychology and Research

Major Professor

Sharon B. Lord

Committee Members

Luther Kindall, Larry DeRidder, Anand Malik


This work, In Being, is an effort to establish the validity of individual thought. Personal thought (Chapter I) is elevated to the realm of objective knowledge while the knower is free from bias and preconception and aims at universals. The detached observer in science is questioned as personal knowing makes that which is known a part of the knower. Yoga, chemicals and phenomenology are explored as means for knowing and ultimate reality. Chapter I concludes with a delineation of the creative and intuitive implications for personal knowledge.

In the personal writing section (Chapter II), signs are discussed as they relate to personal discovery. How and why sense is made is explored with a resultant philosophy of being formed, stressing the possible existence of all things without judgments. The enlightened state in Being is described and the section concludes with some intuitive remarks about the "supersensible world."

Implied in these writings for education (in Chapter III) is the development of individual's personal responsibility in choosing between the finite and the infinite; what is violent and what is non-violent. A non-violent education, stressing the wholeness of the human being, is explored. The resultant education may allow the individual the possibility of developing a personal, universal knowledge.

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