Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

W. O. Jenkins

Committee Members

Harold D. Holloway, K. R. Newton, M. E. Keister, C. Pascal


Introduction: This study was designed to test, first of all, whether there were any differential learning effects following hypnotic, post-hypnotic, and waking suggestion. Secondly, the investigation was designed to test whether learning following suggestion increased or decreased differentially when learning tasks varied in complexity. Finally, the study was set up to find out whether there was a difference between the quality and quantity of learning following suggestion. A large number of the features of previous experiments in the area of hypnosis and learning were combined. As past experimenters found contradictory results, no hypotheses were forwarded regarding the outcome of this investigation. Several features not found in past experiments were included in the design of this investigation. These features are mentioned following the review of the literature in this chapter.

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Included in

Psychology Commons