Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education


Educational Administration

Major Professor

Orin B. Graff

Committee Members

Galen N. Drewry, John W. Gilliland, Dale Wantling, Clyde H. Wilson


Summary: The purpose of this study was to reduce some of the confusion that appeared to exist in the areas of industrial arts. It was believed that some of the confusion may be contributed to traditional forces, but many of the difficulties stem from confusion within the more basic elements surrounding the nature of man and the nature of society. If an understanding can be conveyed within this realm, much of the existing confusion could be eliminated.

The elements that seem to be more pertinent to the nature of man and education were discussed in Chapter III. Man and his place in society and the many forces of the culture were pointed up in Chapter IV. From this theoretical discussion educational needs were developed. These needs were viewed with the intent of using them for program direction. The Tennessee list of needs were also studied for this purpose. It appeared that a set of needs were meaningless statements until they were viewed under a set of guiding principles. This seemed to be necessary because many types of educational programs could be developed to meet the needs as they were stated. The guiding principles mirrored the philosophical concepts of man in a democracy and, as such, they insured man the opportunity to obtain the needs in a manner compatible with a democratic way of life.

The industrial arts program was described for the elementary and intermediate grades according to the theory developed earlier in the study and in light of the educational needs. This was more difficult for the high school program due to the increased number of obstacles. The type of program desired was indicated, but obstacles to overcome and methods for improvement were given major consideration in the discussion of industrial arts in the high school. This was deemed desirable due to a number of things--classroom methodology, program organization and philosophical values--which seem to retard the more complete development of a desirable industrial arts program at the present time.

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