Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education


Educational Administration

Major Professor

Orin B. Graff

Committee Members

John W. Gilliland, Michael Y. Nunnery, Edward S. Christenbury, Lawrence M. DeRidder


Purpose of the Study: Because of the serious problem revealed by available statistics, the writer was urged to study the problem of school withdrawals from Elizabethton High School and its fourteen feeder schools in Carter County, Tennessee. It was hoped that the results of such a study would reveal some possibilities of increasing the holding power of these schools, and that the schools could then help more youth reach their potential or optimum development. Concern about the problem of high school withdrawal has been prevalent for some time, but little or no anxiety has been expressed for the problem of elementary school leavers.

The writer felt it was of vital importance to study this problem of pupil survival of the Elizabethton High School and its fourteen feeder schools in the light of the preceding statements and the following information: 1. Many students exhibited a disinterested attitude toward school work. 2. Many students left without giving an intelligent reason. 3. There was evidence that the school was not exhausting all its resources to motivate optimum development in all pupils. 4. Approximately 45 per cent dropped out of school prior to graduation, 44 per cent graduated, and 11 per cent were continuing in school after failing a grade.

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