Doctoral Dissertations

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School Psychology

Major Professor

R. Steve McCallum

Committee Members

Sherry M. Bell, William L. Seaver, Jennifer A. Morrow, Brian E. Wilhoit


Three universal screeners and nine progress monitoring probes from the Monitoring Instructional Responsiveness: Math (MIR:M), a silent, group-administered math assessment designed for implementation with an RTI Model, were administered to 223 fifth-grade students. The growth parameters of the overall MIR:M composite and two global composites (math calculation and math reasoning) identified significant variation in student growth, within significant linear and quadratic trajectories. However, there were significant differences in the nature of the growth trajectories that have applied educational implications. In addition, growth parameters across the three composites provided significant predictive potential when using the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) Achievement Test, a high-stakes, end of the year assessment of academic achievement, as the criterion measures (p < .001). Furthermore, these parameters were predictive at the classroom and student level. Differential predictive potential of the parameters and the composites provide additional information about the nature of the MIR:M data. Altogether, the growth modeling and the predictive modeling provide evidence to support two practical uses of the MIR:M.

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