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LeRoy P. Graf

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William M. Hastings, S. J. Folmsbee, Bain T. Stewart, Glendon Brokaw, J. Healy Hoffmann


Conclusion: The focus of this biography has been on the active aspects of Ramsey's career. Thus his characteristics as a person have been implicitly rather than explicitly displayed. Since, however, numerous examples of his intimate correspondence with family and friends have been inserted, the reader has been able to sense many of Ramsey's traits. This biographer feels obligated to mention at least one of Ramsey's characteristics: his boastful vanity. No one can deny that he had a strong desire to receive credit and praise for services rendered. He "was" the East Tennessee Historical and Antiquarian Society. He "galvanized" the dead Hiwassee Railroad into the East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad. In his office (he said) Andrew Jackson was "first" suggested for the presidency. He was the "first" to offer Polk's name as a candidate for the same office. He was one of the two (his brother was the other) "most prudent and honest & patriotic men in Tennessee or any where else." After the Civil War he believed there were "few. . . Ramseys in the world." Realizing that such language could be so interpreted, he would apologetically interject into his correspondence: with Draper, "Do not suppose me egotistic," or to his brother, "Excuse my egotism."


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