Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Paul G Huray

Committee Members

John O. Thompson, Joseph R. Peterson, Felix E. Obenshain, Richard L. Becker, T. A. Callcott


The nuclear gamma resonance (NGR) for 238U, 236U, and 234U in the compound (UO2) Rb (NO3)3 has been established at 4.2°K following the alpha decay of PuO2 sources. The ratios of the electric quadrupole moments of these isotopes have been determined and the electric field gradient at the uranium site has been calculated from the data. The isomer shift in 234U has been measured for both PuO2 and PuA14 sources and the change in nuclear radius between the excited and the ground state has been calculated.

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Physics Commons