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Doctor of Philosophy


School Psychology

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R. Steve McCallum

Committee Members

Sherry M. Bell, Christopher H. Skinner, Amy D. Broemmel


Monitoring Instructional Responsiveness: Reading (MIR:R), a group-administered measure designed to determine at-risk status for reading fluency and comprehension, was administered to 494 third-grade students to determine the relationship between MIR:R static and slope scores and student performance and non-proficiency status on the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) Achievement Test, reading composite. Correlation coefficients defining the relationship between the total MIR:R static score (the Comprehension Rate score) and student performance and non-proficiency status on the TCAP are .60 (p < .01) and .52 (p < .01), respectively. When the relationships between MIR:R slope and TCAP performance and non-proficiency status were investigated, weaker correlations were obtained-- .22 (p < .01) and .20 (p < .01), respectively. Results from a step-wise multiple regression equation revealed that the MIR:R Comprehension Percentage component score provided moderate predictive validity for TCAP reading composite performance (9.4% age variance accounted for, p < .01); the Total Words Read component score was less predictive (1.1 % age additional variance accounted for, p < .05). When MIR:R component scores were entered into a logistic regression analysis, these scores predicted TCAP proficiency and non-proficiency status reasonably well; values ranged from 60% to 88% (p < .01). Apparently, both the Comprehension Rate total static score and the Comprehension Percentage component score provide solid predictive accuracy (p < .01); the slope and Total Words Read component scores are less predictive. Data support the utility of the MIR:R as a promising, progress-monitoring reading screener within a Response to Intervention/problem-solving model.

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