Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Electrical Engineering

Major Professor

Donald Wayne Bouldin

Committee Members

Dr. Mongi Abidi, Dr. Seong-Gon Kong, Dr. Bruce MacLennan


The Hardware-Evolved Digital Artificial Neural Network (HEDANN) design platform is a circuit design platform built to evolve complex architecture ANN circuits using re-configurable hardware. By using genetic algorithms to evolve complex architecture ANN designs in field programmable gate arrays, this system is the first design system to evolve physical ANN circuits with unconstrained network architectures. With the HEDANN design system, the evolution of ANNs with recursive, non-layered, complex architectural connections is made possible. In addition, the HEDANN design system is capable of evolving device-independent circuit designs that can operate properly across a wide range of operating temperatures. This system is presented as a powerful new tool for researchers working to develop both artificially intelligent systems and complex evolvable hardware. To demonstrate the potential benefits of this unique design platform, the details of two trial experiments are presented and the results discussed.

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