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Doctor of Education


Educational Administration

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Gerald C. Ubben

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E. Grady Bogue, Ernest W. Brewer, Gregory C. Petty


The purpose of this study was to extend previous research by investigating the relationship between school climate and student performance (value-added gains) in selected middle schools. In order to confirm previous research with the selected instrument, school climate and student achievement were also compared.

This study used a correlation analysis design. Forty middle schools from across Tennessee were used as a population sample. The data sources were the School Climate Inventory (SCI), and the State of Tennessee Report Card, 2005. Criterion referenced data and value-added gain data were collected from the Report Card. Aggregate achievement scores and aggregate performance (value-added) scores in language arts, math, science, and social studies were compared with school climate scores using the Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient.

There is a relationship between overall school climate and at least one aspect of student performance, that of language arts. Language arts performance scores correlated significantly with 5 of the 7 climate subscales. Significant correlations of science performance scores with the climate subscale of expectation, as well as the social studies performance scores with the climate subscale of order were also found. This study also affirmed previous research that showed a relationship between the academic emphasis of climate and student achievement.

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