Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

George W. Kabalka

Committee Members

John Bartmess, John Larese, Kimberly Gwinn


This dissertation summarizes research focused on the use of boron dihalides and organotrifluoroborates in organic synthesis. The boron dihalide mediated aryl propargyl ether cleavage reactions to generate the corresponding aryl alcohols were investigated to explain the mechanistic pathway of using boron trihalides and boron dihalides in propargyl ether cleavage reactions. The results of this study strongly support that the mechanistic pathway for these reactions follows the pathway shown in this dissertation. In addition, the use of polymer-supported organotrifluoroborates for radiolabeling reactions was also investigated. The results of these studies support the use of polymer supported organotrifluoroborates in radiolabeling reactions as environmentally friendly as well as being capable of generating the desired radiolabeling products in good to excellent yields.

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