Doctoral Dissertations

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Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

James A. Black

Committee Members

Robert F. Kronick, Suzanne B. Kurth, Lois B. Presser


Previous research has utilized script theory as an important tool for social scientists in understanding people’s attitudes and beliefs regarding problematic events, e.g., rape and violence. A study conducted by Ryan (1988) has shown the different scripts for rape and seduction scenarios perceived by introductory level college students. The present study is an extension of Ryan’s research on rape and seduction perceptions. Data will be collected from students currently enrolled at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, instructing them to describe a "typical" rape and "typical" seduction scenario. These will be analyzed to: identify common stories of rape and seduction among college students; 2) compare freshmen-sophomore and junior-senior stories; and 3) compare males and females stories on rape and seduction. Data will include a detailed descriptive overview of elements presented in students’ stories; comparisons of stories with elements from current typologies; and excerpts from stories suggesting a new script, that is, scripts with new sequencing patterns and elements.

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Sociology Commons