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Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

A. J. Sharp

Committee Members

Fred H. Norris, Edward E. C. Clebsch, Walter Herndon, Arthur C. Cole


Introduction: An investigation of the plants of Chilhowee Mountain was undertaken to increase our knowledge of the flora and vegetation of the mountains adjoining the Smokies and the Ridge and Valley Province and is based on field work done principally by the author from 1962 to 1966.

The aims of this research have been the following: (1) to determine the nature of the flora and to make a checklist of vascular plants of the area; (2) to compare the flora of Chilhowee Mountain with the flora of the Cumberlands and of the Smokies; (3) to describe in detail the canopy, sub-canopy, seedlings, and herbs of each forest cover type on the mountain; and (4) to relate the vegetation to the geology and the soils.

No detailed previous study had been made of the Chilhowee Mountain area, which has a geology distinct from that of the Smokes and that of the Ridge and Valley Province. This mountain, with an area of approximately one hundred square miles, lies to the northeast of the Smokies and ranges in elevation from 832 to 3,069 feet. A detailed study of the vegetation and flora was made, and it forms the groundwork for future studies of the relationships of the vegetation and flora of the Ridge and Valley Province to those of the mountains of the Southern Appalachians.

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