Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Wildlife and Fisheries Science

Major Professor

David A. Etnier

Committee Members

Charles D. Pless, Arthur C. Cole, Dewey L. Bunting


The state of Tennessee has 60 nominal species or sub-species of crayfish within its political boundary or in nearby tributaries that flow into the state. These crayfish reresent five genera. The genera Procambarus and Cambarus are further subdivided into subgenera to show phylogenetic relationships within the genus. Each species is listed under its generic or infrageneric category with the following information: (1) type locality, (2) location of type specimens, (3) range, (4) crayfish associates, (5) life history notes, (6) ecological data, and as needed (7) notes on taxonomic status or information not covered in any of the above six sections.

The physiographic provinces in Tennessee are described. Methods for collecting and preservation are included.

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Zoology Commons