Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Modern Foreign Languages

Major Professor

Paul Barrette

Committee Members

Edmund Campion, Marie-France Rouart, Rosalind Gwynne, Naima Moustaid-Moussa


This research addressed teaching the French language as a foreign language in Yemen. The research investigated the historical development of teaching French in Yemen and analyzed the methodologies used in teaching the French language.

Several research methods were used in collecting data for the analysis of this research. Methods included a survey, interviews with faculty members and students, lectures, attendance at the French department the University of Sana’a, Yemen. All the methods helped tremendously in conducting this research. They helped specifically to answer the following research problem statement:

- How were foreign languages introduced to the Yemeni society?
- How and why is the French language being taught in Yemen?
- Who is studying the French language in Yemen?
- What are the methods being used in teaching the French language in Yemen?
- What is the status of teaching the French language at the college level?
- What are the main obstacles in teaching the French language in Yemen?

This research is considered the first academic study in Yemen about teaching French as a foreign language at the college level. It is hoped that this research will be a reference to government officials to aid them in improving the college curriculum as well as a resource for future scholars.

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