Ewing Gallery of Art & Architecture

Professional Practices Faculty of the University of Tennessee School of Art (Exhibition Catalogue)

School of Art, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Catalogue Design: Sarah McFalls

Catalogue Editors: Sam Yates and Sarah McFalls

Copy Editor: Stephanie Phillips


This exhibition featured the work of current professors in the University of Tennessee School of Art.

Exhibiting faculty were: Joshua Bienko, Emily Bivens, Sally Brogden, Jason S. Brown, Mary Campbell, Rubens Ghenov, Paul Harrill, Timothy W. Hiles, John Kelley, Mary Laube, Paul Lee, Beauvais Lyons, Christopher McNulty, Frank Martin, Althea Murphy-Price, John Douglas Powers, Elaine McMillion Sheldon, Jered Sprecher, Kelli Wood, Koichi Yamamoto, and Sam Yates.