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Perspectives in International Librarianship

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January 2012


This brief article explores the current state of library and information science (LIS) programs in terms of their nature and composition in state universities in India. Preliminary findings were based on a content analysis of representative information regarding LIS education available on the websites of all state universities and colleges that offer LIS programs in India. Findings indicated broad trends in administrative structuring and nomenclature of LIS programs which requires standardization. The type of degrees awarded, the composition of faculty positions, student places per year and student-faculty ratios was also found to be varied among the different institutions. The lack of detailed and up-to-date information on university websites was a barrier in collecting accurate data on LIS programs. The minimal web information must be addressed by LIS professionals to further develop interest in the discipline and to increase the number of students graduating in LIS education. The findings reported here are hoped to direct future research in other domains of LIS education which may help determine better strategies and practices for adopting in LIS educational settings in India.

DOI: 10.5339/pil.2012.1

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