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Proceedings of American Society for Information Science and Technology

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In this paper, we seek to identify factors that might increase the likelihood of adoption and continued use of cyberinfrastructure by scientists. To do so, we review the main research on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) adoption and use by addressing research problems, theories and models used, findings, and limitations. We focus particularly on the individual user perspective. We categorize previous studies into two groups: Adoption research and post-adoption (continued use) research. In addition, we review studies specifically regarding cyberinfrastructure adoption and use by scientists and other special user groups. We identify the limitations of previous theories, models and research findings appearing in the literature related to our current interest in scientists’ adoption and continued use of cyber-infrastructure. We synthesize the previous theories and models used for ICT adoption and use, and then we develop a theoretical framework for studying scientists’ adoption and use of cyber-infrastructure. We also proposed a research design based on the research model developed. Implications for researchers and practitioners are provided.

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