The Daily Beacon

The Daily Beacon

The Daily Beacon is the campus newspaper serving the University of Tennessee Knoxville campus and surrounding community. The paper is editorially independent and is entirely student written, produced and managed. The Daily Beacon is published Monday through Friday during the fall and spring academic terms and weekly (Wednesday) during the summer sessions; also, content is published daily on our website, The paper is free of charge and is primarily supported by advertising.

The Daily Beacon has a distribution of 10,000 per day during the school year; 7,500 during the summer. Our office is located at 11 Communications Building, 1340 Circle Park Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996-0314. Link to the editorial policy.


In 1871 students at the University published a semi-monthly newspaper, The University Times-Prospectus, which included "literature, science, news, wit, humor, and whatever else may be of interest in connection with the Institution." More frequent student newspaper publishing began in the first decade of the 1900s, and since 1906 a student newspaper has published continuously. The Orange and White published for 61 years, as a weekly first and later as a semi-weekly.

The Publications Council, which had overseen the newspaper since 1916, hired alumnus David Hall '65 to develop a plan for a student-managed daily. That led to the establishment of The Daily Beacon in the spring of 1967, successor to The Orange and White. An initial publishing schedule of four issues per week was soon expanded to five days and continues uninterrupted to the present. Publication of a student newspaper is one of the oldest traditions at the University of Tennessee.

The Daily Beacon established its online presence in the early 1990s when online media was still in its infancy and few media organizations had made the leap into the great unknown of the World Wide Web. Since that time the torch has been passed from one webmaster to the next and the site has gone through several major redesigns. We have tried to keep pace with advances in technology and the ever-changing media landscape and we intend to remain true to that mission as we continue moving forward into a future where media will change in ways that we can only begin to imagine.