Estimation and Analysis of the Rheological Properties of a Perfluoropolyether through Molecular Dynamics Simulation

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Equilibrium and non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations of a perfluoropolyether C8F18O4 are reported using an atomistic interaction potential. The bulk rheological properties of the perfluoropolyether are investigated through molecular dynamics simulations as a function of both temperature and shear rate. The effect of molecular structure on viscosity is explored in detail. The rotational relaxation time is reported as a function of temperature. Structural properties, including the mean-square end-to-end chain length, the mean-square radius of gyration of chains, and the distribution functions of bond lengths, bond angles, and bond torsional angles are collected and analyzed as functions of shear rate. After an initial plateau, both mean-square end-to-end chain length and mean-square radius of gyration decrease monotonically with increasing shear rate. The behaviors of the rheological and structural properties are explained through an analysis of the individual contributions due to bond stretching, bond bending, and bond torsion, as well as both intramolecular and intermolecular non-bonded interactions. A further analysis is possible through a meticulous breakdown of each contribution into a specific type of mode; e.g., the total bond stretching is comprised of CC, CO, and CF bond stretching terms. In this way, one can relate the shear viscosity to the specific chemical structure of C8F18O4.

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