Chancellor’s Honors Program Projects

Date of Graduation



College Scholars

Major 1

Leadership, Organizational Behavior, & Higher Education Administration


Business Administration, Psychology

First Advisor

Dr. Tim P. Munyon, Management

Second Advisor

Dr. Cheryl Barksdale, Management

Third Advisor

Dr. Sally J. McMillan, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs


As organizations continue to expand across the country and around the globe, the context in which the average subordinate works becomes modified. Previous research has suggested that increased physical and psychological distance between leaders and their followers negatively impacts the relational quality between supervisor and subordinate. Additionally, studies have shown that workplace variations in leader-member exchange may promote general and relational envy on the part of subordinates. This research project presents findings into an investigation of the effect of physical and psychological distance on the supervisor-subordinate relationship, as well as the effect of general and relational envy in organizations. Outcomes of over 120 leader-follower dyads were analyzed for leader-member exchange, organizational citizenship behaviors, general and relational envy, and task performance. Findings suggest that both relational and general envy are significantly and negatively related to leader-member exchange quality and that psychological distance moderates the relationship between leader-member exchange and relational envy. Suggestions for industry professionals and implications for future research are discussed.

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