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Fall 2008


Welcome to the second issue of the Baker Center Journal of Applied Public Policy. I am very proud of this publication for many reasons. First, it continues to fulfill the mission that I stated in our inaugural issue: the research and discussion of applied public policy issues. Second, it has been put together by a resourceful set of University of Tennessee students, aided by Baker Center guidance and by our national board of advisors. It is refreshing to witness their dedication and determination. Lastly, the Journal is central to our vision for the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy at the University of Tennessee. The Center has established itself over the past five years as a leader in discussing, researching, and teaching about critical public policy topics as well as encouraging civic awareness and engagement. I am very pleased with its success and happy that, as part of its mission, it oversees the creation of this excellent publication.


Vol. II, No. I

Editorial Board

Bryce W. McKenzie

Jill M. Shotzberger

Bradford A. Vaughan

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