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Introductory: The movement of those formerly residing in the territory within the designated boundaries in Tennessee of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, was practically completed at the time of this survey made during the early months of 1934. The assistance of the Tennessee State Park and Forestry Commission is gratefully acknowledged and the valued field work of Luther Bohannon, M. R. Brasher, James E. Carson, B. H. Kinser, and S. B. Puckette. The names of the former owners of lands, acres sold and amount received therefore was furnished through the courtesy of the Tennessee Park and Forestry Commission. With this information and the assistance of maps showing the location of the former owners, the field men visited the territories assigned them from those still remaining in the section or from those having personal knowledge of the former residence procured the following information viz: Number in the family, ages, length of time living in the neighborhood, ancestry, distance from church, store, schools, doctor, and neighbors, means of travel, character of lands and soil, portion under cultivation, days employed away from home, religious life, school opportunities, contentment, owners of automobile, radio, phonograph, acres of lands sold and amount received therefor, and influence in their removal. Other general or special information was also reported.

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