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This book is a compilation of articles, bulletins, publications and talks on the history, organization and development of the College of Agriculture, University of Tennessee, in the Land-Grant College System of Education, including Resident Teaching, Research and Extension.

Data is also given on the East Tennessee Farmers' Convention, community organizations in Tennessee and the organization and development of the Land-Grant College System of Education.

Four copies of this book have been bound and one copy each has been placed in the Agricultural library, the University Library, Office of the Dean and Director of the College of Agriculture and the Office of the Department of Information.

Acknowledgement of assistance in the preparation of the data contained in this book is made to former Director C. A, Mooers; Dr. H. A. Morgan, former dean and director, and president of the University; Charles A. Keffer, former director of the Agricultural Extension Service; Fred H. Broome, former Experiment Station editor, and many other past and present members of the College staff.


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