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Value-Added Agriculture

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This guide has been developed to assist Tennessee farmers and agri-entrepreneurs in evaluating agritourism enterprise opportunities, planning agritourism enterprises, and dealing with issues and obstacles faced by existing agritourism enterprises. It also serves as a resource for professionals working with existing or potential agritourism entrepreneurs. While this guide cannot guarantee success in planning and managing an agritourism enterprise, the concepts it contains are important in enhancing the potential for success.

This guide contains 10 chapters and an appendix dealing with topics critical to the success of agritourism operations. It is designed to be interactive, allowing users to work through exercises and relate the material presented to their specific situations. The order in which topics are presented is not intended to imply the relative importance of one topic over another. All of the topics discussed are important, and many topics are interrelated.

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1M 9/05 R12-4010-013-001-06 05-0227

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