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Gardening - Fruit: Pests & Diseases


A number of diseases affect the fruit, leaves, roots and crowns of strawberries. This publication provides information on the most important strawberry diseases in Tennessee. Reference is made to two systems of strawberry production in Tennessee. The matted-row system is a perennial system in which the plants are allowed to spread, and the planting is maintained for several years. Plasticulture is a term often used to refer to an annual system of production in which planting takes place in plastic-mulched rows in the fall, and the plants are destroyed the following summer, after harvest is completed.

Cultural control practices are provided in this publication. For chemical recommendations, backyard growers are referred to Extension PB 1622, Disease and Insect Control in Home Fruit Plantings. Commercial growers are referred to Extension PB 1187, Commercial Small Fruit Spray Schedules. Both publications are available at no charge at your county Extension office.

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