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University of Tennnessee Extension encourages the formation of local level Master Gardener associations for the purpose of maintaining an organized relationship with volunteers who support the missions of the Tennessee Master Gardener Program and UT Extension. The local Master Gardener coordinator will serve as an advisor to the local Master Gardener association. UT Extension supports the mission, vision and values of the Tennessee Master Gardener Program, and provides additional continuing education to Master Gardener volunteers. All certified Master Gardener volunteers, regardless of affiliation with local Master Gardener groups and associations, represent the mission and policies of UT Extension.

Local associations must register with the state program; some individuals must sign an annual Memorandum of Agreement. The Tennessee Master Gardener Program advocates the use of Robert’s Rules of Order to facilitate effective meetings and suggests that bylaws should reflect this policy. A skeleton structure of suggested bylaws is available on the Tennessee Master Gardener Web site. They may be adopted and embellished. However, the bylaw structures indicate the Tennessee Master Gardener Program’s standards and are minimum requirements that may not be decreased or compromised.

County organizations are community units supported by UT Extension and the UT Institute of Agriculture, which offer educational programs, assistance and materials to all people without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, veteran status or disability.

The Tennessee Master Gardener Program is a volunteer organization. As with most volunteer organizations, individuals are expected to work amicably together in accomplishing the mission and goals of the program. If conflicts arise between an individual and the local organization, disputes should be settled within the organization by good faith discussion (with all involved parties) keeping in mind the goal of resolving the dispute. Extension personnel may be consulted only after discussions have failed. Extension personnel may resolve the issues according to the mission and policies governing the university.

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