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Gardening - Fruit: Storing & Using

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Cider making is an art that is as old as apple production itself. When properly made, fresh apple cider is a safe, natural, delicious product that conjures up images of autumn and the country.

Apple cider is simply the liquid that is released when apples are crushed. It has nothing added and nothing taken away from it. Apple cider will be cloudy due to the presence of suspended apple solids. Since apple cider contains no preservatives, it has a limited shelf life, and special attention must be paid to proper storage. The terms apple cider and apple juice are often used interchangeably.

Apple cider production is a food processing operation. Commercial operations are subject to the same regulations, including good manufacturing practices, as are other types of food processing operations. This factsheet focuses on noncommercial apple cider production. While the basic concepts and most processing practices are the same, commercial producers should work closely with regulatory agencies in setting up and operating their facilities.

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