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Gardening - Fruit: Selecting & Planting

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Many types of fruits may be grown in Tennessee. However, not all of them will grow and fruit consistently in all parts of the state. Furthermore, differences in adaptability among varieties of the same type of fruit exist. Ideas concerning types and varieties of fruits adapted to your area can be found at your county Extension office, local nurseries and garden centers and from commercial and home fruit growers in your area.

Whenever possible, select varieties having resistance to diseases and/or insects. Problems and costs associated with production may be reduced considerably compared to those having no pest resistance.

Successful fruit production on a commercial or hobby scale is dependent on attention to numerous management practices, beginning prior to setting trees and extending up to the time the planting is removed. Site selection and preparation, type of fruit, variety/rootstock combination, planting technique, pruning and training, nutrition and pest control are just some of the factors involved. Deficiencies in one area may not be overcome by stressing other areas.

This factsheet will aid in determining the type of fruit tree to plant, size and potential longevity of the tree, yield per tree and numerous other points. It is one in a series of factsheets that address tree fruit production for the non-commercial grower. A listing of factsheets in the “Fruits and Nuts” series appears on the last page.

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