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The University of Tennessee Extension maintains a collection of more than 300 building and equipment plans, and makes these available to all residents of Tennessee. Although the plans are primarily intended for use in Tennessee, many are appropriate for other locations as well. These plans came from many sources. Some were developed in the University of Tennessee Extension Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science Department, but most were developed in a cooperative effort with the United States Department of Agriculture and the Cooperative Farm Building Plan Exchange. The Plan Exchange no longer exists, but the plans remain on file and are available.

The plans developed at the University of Tennessee are based on the research and demonstration expeiences of scientists at the university. The USDA plans generally originated at land-grant institutions across the country and were submitted to the Cooperative Farm Building Plan Exchange, where they were edited and distributed to all states for use in their Extension educational programs.

We have attempted to verify that each plan is appropriate for use in Tennessee. however, these plans are intended mainly for use as planning guides, and you should check with local authorities concerning building code and building permit requirements. Also, good construction practices should be followed when building from these or any other plans.

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