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The Contributions of Howard Yale McClusky to an Evolving Discipline of Educational Gerontology

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The development of interest, knowledge, and professional involvement in educational gerontology has been evolutionary. Knowledge from various disciplines has contributed to this development. Howard McClusky, professor emeritus of adult education and educational psychology at the University of Michigan, has made many valuable contributions. His advocacy of limitless human potential throughout life has included work toward the development of knowledge about adults as learners and corresponding instructional needs. McClusky's development of a "theory of margin " has facilitated an understanding of the need to balance in the later years those stresses and demands (load) on a person with his or her coping resources (power). He also has provided insights to program developers regarding the importance of time perceptions and differences in how learning needs are categorized. He calls for intergenerational approaches to older adult instruction efforts and provides some optimistic hope for the future of educational gerontology.

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