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Malcolm S. Knowles stands as a giant catalyst at the juncture - past, present, and future - of andragogy (the art and science of helping adults learn) within the field of Adult Education and Human Resource Development. For more than 50 years until his death in 1997, Malcolm devoted his personal and professional life to exemplifying the theory and practice of andragogy: as a speaker to audiences of 10,000 or less; as a university professor with a multiplicity of adult learners (his students); as a consultant to numerous institutions and corporations in countries around the world; as a writer of 19 books and 225 articles; and, as a very caring human being for any person with whom he happened to be meeting. I observed him being sought out at national conferences, studied with him in my doctoral program, and worked with him in various educational settings. Malcolm was just Malcolm through and through. I believe Dusan Savicevic (from whom Malcolm got the concept of andragogy) is right when he said that the world-wide history of andragogy will put Knowles on a meritorious place in the development of this scientific discipline.

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