Volume 18, Number 3 (2017) Spring 2017



Front Matter and Faculty Notes
Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law


Case Commentaries
Elizabeth Holland, Claire Tuley, J. Logan Wilson, Michael Petherick, Evan Sharber, Rebekah Pritchard, Chanse Hayes, Lauren Safley, and Kevin McNelis

Editorial Board

Lucas S. Smith

Managing Editor
Samuel Ferguson

Executive Editors
Rebecca Loveday
Joseph Ronderos

Acquisitions Editors
Danielle Knight
Sarah Blessing

Marketing and Solicitations Editor
Lauren Bellaflores

Publications Editor
Taylor Grills

Senior Commentary Editor
David Venturella

CLE Editor
Shane Kaster

Executive Blog Editor
J. Logan Wilson

Managing Blog Editor
Andrew Tucker

Research Editors
Jessica Baker
Zachary Campbell
Grant Davis
Brandon Mauldin
Chancey Miller
Kimberley Wheeler