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Current Issue: Volume 20, Number 2 (2019) Special Report 2018-2019



Front Matter and Faculty Notes
Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law


Opening Remarks
Sue Payne


Redlining Is a Skill
Stacey Bowers


Where Do We Go From Here?
Joan MacLeod Heminway, Howard Katz, and George Kuney


Teaching Communication Skills in Transactional Simulations
Eric J. Gouvin, Katherine M. Koops, James E. Moliterno, Carol E. Morgan, and Carol D. Newman


What Can Students Teach Each Other?
Brian Krumm, Willow Tracy, and Stacey Bowers


Is A Transactional Clinic the Answer to Training Transactional Attorneys?
Tyra Blew, Carmen Huertas-Noble, and Melissa Risser

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