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Spring 2-1972


The 1960's were frequently cited as containing perhaps the most rapid and pervasive demographic and social change our country has witnessed. Unfortunately, there have been few opportunities to monitor these events. The 1970 Censuses of Population and Housing has provided our first chance to do so in any detail, both from printed and taped data. For the user, however, the Census carries with it certain difficulties in terms of convenience of access and the volume of material available.

This publication, Part 2 of a three-part series, attempts to improve availability while at the same time providing derivative population analyses not directly obtainable from Census sources. It represents a joining of interests on the part of the Tennessee State Planning Commission and the Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER).

The three-part series of reports, each part with its own special emphasis, is not a voluminous collection and reformation of 1970 Census data. It is more a summary presentation of basic and derived data emphasizing changes in selected population and housing data over three census points. Part 2 presents population and percentages by age and sex, a population pyramid, and preliminary migration estimates by age and sex for 1960-1970 by county. Part 1, released in April 1971, contained (1) two summary tables containing general ranking and change data for the State and counties and (2) a third table for each county showing selected population and housing data. Part 3 will focus upon education, income and employment. Since 1970 data entries are from the 1970 Censuses of Population and Housing, the timing of release for the three volumes corresponds with availability of the first, second and fourth count computer tape files, respectively.

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