Throughout history, the killing of those that society deems unfit has gone in and out of fashion. Typically, the targets of such programs are the mentally disabled, the physically disabled, and the insane. Sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, and propensity for criminality may become part of the criteria as well, depending on society's commitment and fervor for such a program. The apparent reason for killing the unfit is to create a superior population-a citizenry that is both mentally and physically superior-while reducing the incidence of those in society that constitute a drain-those who ostensibly take more from society than they contribute. Underlying this bestial policy is a seductive economic argument- if a society's goal is to maximize wealth, it must be sensible policy to remove those from society who do not contribute any wealth and in fact only consume it. Certainly the wealth of society is increased if the net detractors are "removed."

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