Servant leadership (SL), characterized by enduring qualities of genuine caring, humility, and empathy, has been positively associated with numerous leader effectiveness outcomes (e.g., employee satisfaction) across sport and non-sport settings. This study addresses the need to more thoroughly investigate follower characteristics that may allow servant leadership to be more (or less) effective in a sport context. Drawing from leader-member exchange theory, this study predicted head coach bottom-line mentality (i.e. 1-dimensional, win-at-all-costs attitude) would negatively impact the relationship between athletic director SL and head coach commitment. Surveying a sample of 810 interscholastic HCs across the USA, Structural Equation Modeling revealed SL’s positive effect on head coach commitment. Analysis also revealed the interaction of SL and bottom-line mentality had a significant negative impact on commitment. Thus, when follower bottom-line mentality is win-at-all-costs, the positive influence of SL appears to be diminished.