Mary Ann Cain. New Locations for Discursive Agency: The Story of Anandamai Ma. This paper aims to relocate our relationship to modes of knowledge that fall outside of Western rationalism and conceptual thought by relocating our understanding of agency through the figure of Anandamai Ma, a 20th century Hindu "saint.

Mark Smith. The Widening Gyre: Images as Central to the Global Village. The image is emerging as the lingua franca of technological culture, both resurrecting characteristics of pre-literate classicism and consolidating the global community.

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Gwen Gorzelsky. Writing Awareness. The author argues that, by practicing embodied, metaphoric ethnography, educators can revise their roles in classroom social systems and so pursue the goals of critical pedagogy.

Kathleen Welch. A Medical Humanities Course: A Pertinent Pause on the Medical Beat. This article summarizes the findings of one ethnographic study and demonstrates that, by emphasizing self- reflection and discussion, an interdisciplinary literature and medicine course provides medical students a brief but important, time for retrospection.

Phyllis Whitin. Inventing Metaphors to Understand the Genre of Poetry. To make personally meaningful connections with poetry as a genre, students in the author's seventh grade classes generated original metaphors to describe the essence of poetry.

William C. Johnson. Remembering Things We've Never Done: Memory's Daughters and the Literary Experience. Memory, essential in creative writing, inspires us to weave literary reading into the narrative of personal experience and to seek, through recollection, our psychic wholeness. Reviews

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