Fond Farewells: Judy Halden-Sullivan and Helen Walker


John M. Duffy - Reconsidering Virtue

Lois Agnew - Why Rhetoric and Ethics? Revisiting History/Revising Pedagogy

Paula Mathieu - Being There: Mindfulness as Ethical Classroom Practice

Scott Wagar - Composition as a Spiritual Discipline

Erec Smith - Buddhism’s Pedagogical Contribution to Mindfulness

Peter H. Khost - “Alas, Not Yours to Have”: Problems with Audience in High-Stakes Writing Tests and the Promise of Felt Sense


Sheri Rysdam & Lisa Johnson-Shull - Introducing Feedforward: Renaming and Reframing Our Repertoire for Written Response

Mark Noe - Autoethnography and Assimilation: Composing Border Stories

Irene A. Lietz - “When Do I Cross the Street?” Roberta’s Guilty Reflection

Karen Lee Osborne - Toward a Poetics and Pedagogy of Sound: Students as Production Engineers in the Literature Classroom

Out of the Box

Robert M. Randolph - My Mom’s Letter

Final Journals

Book Reviews

Julie Nichols - Reading Ethically

Peter Fields - Gregory Marshall. Shaped by Stories: The Ethical Power of Narratives. Notre Dame, IN: U of Notre Dame P., 2009

Walter L. Reed - Gregory, Marshall. Teaching Excellence in Higher Education, ed. Melissa Valiska Gregory. NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013

Jeffrey H. Taylor - Musgrove, Laurence. Local Bird. Beaumont, TX: Lamar U Press, 2015

Warren Hatch - Lynch, Tom, Cheryll Glotfelty, Karla Armbruster. The Bioregional Imagination—Literature, Ecology, and Place. Athens, GA: U of GA Press, 2012


Helen Walker - More Apt, Connected Title

Sheryl Lain - Hey, Teach! Do You Love Me?

Matthew B. Ittig - Ask Me Tomorrow

Laurence Musgrove - Writing Program

Julie O’Connell - The Power of a Slave Narrative

Leslie A. Werden - Embracing Chaos

Donna Souder-Hodge - Teaching Dachau

Tanya R. Cochran, Rasha Diab, Thomas Ferrel, & Beth Godbee - Hanging Out: Cultivating Life-Giving Writing Groups Online