Peter Elbow - Using Careless Speech for Careful, Well-Crafted Writing - Whatever Its Style

Keith Rhodes & Monica M. Robinson - Sheep in Wolves' Clothing: How Composition's Social Construction Reinstates Expressivist Solipsism (And Even Current-Traditional Conservatism)

Bradley Smith - The Journey Metaphor's Entailments for Framing Learning

Sarah Hochstetler - A Teacher's Terminal Illness in the Secondary Classroom: The Effects of Disclosure

Anna O. Soter - It's (Not) Just a Figure of Speech: Rescuing a Metaphor

Amy L. Eva, Carrie A. Bemis, Marie F. Quist, & Bill Hollands - The Power of the Poetic Lens: Why Teachers Need to Read Poems Together

Ryan Crawford & Andreas Willhoff - Stillness in the Composition Classroom: Insight, Incubation, Improvisation, Flow, and Meditation

Kathleen J. Cassity - Fear Not the Trunchbull: How Teaching from a Humorous Outlook Supports Transformative Learning

Sharon Marshall - Thoughts on Teaching as a Practice of Love

Out of the Box

Ilene Dawn Alexander - Learning and Teaching in Other Ways

Book Reviews

Judy Halden-Sullivan - Making the Familiar Unfamiliar

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Helen Walker - Gratitude

Bob Randolph - Poetry Teacher's Prayer

Leigh Ann Chow - What Teachers Carry

Andrea Saylor - A Brief History of Holy Writing

Jill Moyer Sunday - For My Students

Kattie Hogan & Matt Ittig - Lines on the Body: Confronting Personal Experiences through Poetry

John Patrick Cleary - New Teacher