Louann Reid - Imagination and Representation in Graphic Narratives

Deborah F. Carrington & Chapman Hood Frazier - Transforming Tests: Finding the Poem Within

Sara K. Schneider - Teaching to Students’ Kinesthetic Intelligence: The Teacher as Surrogate, Guru, Foreshadower, Choreographer, or Expeditionist

Andrea Greenbaum - Nurturing Difference: The Autistic Student in Professional Writing Programs

Ruth Henderson - The Forgiveness Classroom: Bringing Together Students from Both Sides of the Wall

Julie Kearney - Writing as an Altered State of Consciousness: Process, Pedagogy, and Spirituality

Anthony T. Atkins - It’s Complicated: Using Facebook to Create Emotional Connections in Student-Professor Relationships

JoAnne Katzmarek - Weaving a Song of Self

Out of the Box

Bruce Novak - Taking the Great Leap of Being: Finding Happiness and Hope in a Life of Thought beyond the Academy

Book Reviews

Judy Halden-Sullivan - Practices in Mindfulness

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Helen Walker - Growing Up

Grace Feuerverger - Mandy

Gesa E. Kirsch - A Teaching Success or Failure?

Betsy Newmeyer - My RIF’d Life

Anita Voelker - Will’s Story

Allison Brimmer - Elitist White Lady Who Tries Too Hard

Debbie Axelrod - Dear Professor

Walker Margo Wilson - Burnishing the Bruises

Catherine M. Nelson - Jimmy

Liang Zhao - Lead by Example