Graduate Publications and Other Selected Works - Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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The purpose of this project was to find a gap in care within my community and fill the need with evidence-based practice. The process of evidence-based practice requires systematically searching and grading existing literature and basing a recommended practice change based on what is discovered. The recommendation is then applied translated to clinical practice. For the purposes of this project, the community which I am a part of needed improvement on the education of healthcare providers regarding post- concussive care in the pediatric population. Regardless of the explosion of research in concussions- translation to practice remains deficient. Concussions remain a prevalent, multifactorial issue plaguing our youth. Existing literature proved a gap in the confidence and knowledge in the patient advisement of healthcare providers regarding return to play and symptom management. The current evidence supports an educational intervention among healthcare providers. The educational program presented to healthcare providers will summarize care of the pediatric patient post-head trauma and will address return to play guidelines. It will be conducted virtually in a lecture-style teaching in one session, lasting 5 minutes and will be voluntary. When children are treated and monitored appropriately evidence shows a shorter post-concussive recovery time- resulting in less lost school/workdays and less medical costs associated with visits and therapy. Results comparing the pre-implementation and post-implementation knowledge showed a two-fold increase in the results. This is of great statistical significance.

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