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Setting the Record Straight: Citizens’ First Amendment Right to Video Police in Public

Denae Lynn D'Arcy

CCI Auditorium, 321 Communications Building

There is an alarming trend in the United States of citizens being arrested for videotaping police officers in public. Cell phones with video capabilities are ubiquitous and people are using their phones to document the behavior of police officers in a public place. The goal of this paper is to study the trend of citizen arrests currently in the news and recommend solutions to the problem of encroachment upon First Amendment rights through case law.

When Old Issues Call Forth a New People: A Constitutive Rhetorical Analysis of Black Liberation Manifestos

Ian Summers, University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa

CCI Auditorium, 321 Communications Building

While much rhetorical research has been dedicated to social movements, not as much scholarship has examined the manifesto texts that form the rhetorical basis for said movements. This essay analyzes whether related rhetorical forms exist across multiple manifesto discourses, specifically elements of constitutive rhetoric, through the study of the UNIA and Black Panther Party’s manifestos. Although the scope of this particular inquiry is too narrow to provide a definitive conclusion, it appears constitutive elements recur enough across black liberation discourses to warrant further discussion on whether manifestos ought to be considered as a separate rhetorical genre.

Tuesday, January 1st
12:00 AM

A research on family-owned newspaper

Mengmeng Li
xiaofei song
Alix Carole Bilip

CCI Auditorium, 321 Communications Building

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

This paper conducts a research on the family-owned newspapers by interviewing the managers from the industry and doing a solid content analysis. It answers three research questions: What is the role of organizational ecology in the development or innovation of family-owned newspapers? How can organizational ecology be applied to newspapers? What elements on the newspapers’ websites are possibly profitable for the newspaper?