Use of the Culture Care Theory as a framework for the recruitment, engagement, and retention of culturally diverse students in a traditionally European American baccalaureate nursing program.

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This chapter will present a synthesis of the creation, progression, and evaluation of Project OPEN. Several project objectives addressed increasing the number of prenursing, nursing, and graduating students from culturally diverse backgrounds. Another objective of the Project was to educate students to give culturally congruent and competent nursing care to prepare them as future nurses who will contribute to the health and wellbeing of their clients. In addition, preparation of a culturally competent nursing workforce has the potential to enhance the health and wellbeing of professional nursing practice. Health and well being of students was viewed within the Project as successful progression through the program toward graduation and eventual practice as registered nurses. It was predicted that increasing the numbers of culturally diverse students would expand the worldview of prenursing and nursing students and thus have the potential to expand the worldview of the local and regional nursing workforce and the profession. One goal of the nursing program is to expand the worldview of students by challenging them to look outside the region and the university campus to the communities in which they live and work and to the world beyond.

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