Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Materials Science and Engineering

Major Professor

Philip D. Rack

Committee Members

Jason D. Fowlkes, Claudia J. Rawn


In this study, pulsed laser induced dewetting of both patterned and continuous Nickel (Ni)-Silver(Ag) thin films was investigated extensively as a novel way to perform directed assembly of nano-particles. First, continuous Ni-Ag thin film dewetting was studied on both bulk and TEM (Transmission electron microscope) membrane substrates at a variety of compositions to better understand the dewetting dynamics of the Ni-Ag system. Then, patterned Ni-Ag thin film dewetting was studied on both bulk and TEM membrane substrates to understand how different patterns and thin film configurations effect nano-particle distribution and formation. All of this work was done in anticipation of the reception of a laser TEM attachment which will allow for in-situ pulsed laser induced dewetting experiments. Our results show that directed assembly of nano-particles is possible by using pulsed laser induced dewetting and that a variety of nano-particle formations and structures can be achieved through this method.

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