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Master of Science in Social Work

Major Professor

Paul Zarbock

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William Bell


Purpose of the Study: It was this study's purpose: (1) to compare the degree of social functioning of a sample of children who reside in an institutional environment with an equal sample of children who reside in individual family situations, (2) to suggest guide lines for the development of an instructional program to aid the children in the Church of God Home for Children with improving their individual social development if the suggestion for such a program is indicated by this study, and (3) to generate interest in additional research studies as a part of this institution's program.

This study included children known to Child and Family Services in Knoxville, Tennessee, and children living in the Church of God Home for Children in Sevierville, Tennessee. The Church of God Home for Children was selected because the authors are personally involved with this institution's program. The Child and Family Services was selected as a comparison group due to the willingness of its administration and its staff to cooperate in the study. Another reason for selecting this social agency was availability of children with social problems who come from similar socio-economic backgrounds as do children residing in the Church of God Home for Children.

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Social Work Commons